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About Data Angles

Our story

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Our deep expertise across industries, coupled with our prowess in data & analytics then translated into an innovative and a disruptive offering in AI. Our unique explainable AI offering today is set out to help customers meet their audit & regulatory compliance needs for automated data processing as well as helps to grow their business based on the actionable insights.

From developing a data strategy to business benefits realisation, our team of experts work closely with customers to develop solutions to achieve the desired objectives be it managing, monitoring or controlling the Key Performance Indicators. Under the guidance of our values, intellect drives our progress, while passion fuels it.

“Our values are like fingerprints. We leave 'em all over everything we do”

  • Be customer centric, always

  • Think clearly, with growth mindset

  • Build teams, with respect for all

  • Achieve expertise & excellence

  • Have fun in every endeavour

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